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Personal shopper trip

An appointment with me, usually it is a turning point in your life. It is also the perfect gift to make someone feel even more special.

We shall start with an informal meeting talk about what do you want to achieve, which are you needs: to refresh your wardrobe or a workwear new capsule or just some basics garments.


Quicker and easier shopping.

Obtain clothing in flattering cuts and colours.

Maximise your wardrobe, learning how to get more looks from the item you purchase.

Learn how to adopt new fashion trends and stretch your style selection.


Exert more influence at work or attract a partner

Feel best in what you are wearing, sending a positive image about you, creating a positive circle:

I look good

I feel good

I increase my self esteem

I perform well

Other perceive me in a positive way

Fee upon request by email:

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