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Personal colour analysis

For Men & Women

A Personal Colour Analysis underlines your natural colouring and appoints to the seasonal colour palette that best describes you. I'll work individually with you to enhance your natural looks with appropriate colours, some of them genetically inherited.

Why is a Personal Colour Analysis Important?

Any colour you wear accentuates the same pigment colours in your eyes, hair and skin tones. Because of this, certain colours will make you look better than others. By analysing these three natural features in your colouring, I will determine your perfect seasonal colour palette.


Look more radiant - get that appearance of ‘looking well’, and even more youthful - as a result of wearing your best colours.

·Learn colours to avoid - these are colours which ‘drain’ your complexion.

  • Choose make-up and clothes more easily - you'll know which clothes, makeup and accessories best accent your natural hair, eye and skin colour.

  • Enhanced well being - as a result of wearing your most flattering colours, making your face ‘come to life’, brighter eyes and radiant complexion.

  • Freedom - enjoy the freedom of spending less time and energy shopping. Using your colour palette you’ll know what to look for, and what to leave on the racks. Using your color palete will make every item to match with the rest of your wardrobe and accessories, making it easier in the morning to get dressed for work or pack for a trip.

Fee upon request by email:

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