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Atualizado: 11 de abr. de 2023

Want to motivate your staff, increase performance and build teamwork?

Many companies invest huge sums of money on their own branding and company image;

But the majority of companies fail to consider the professional image of their employees and the effect that they project on their overall corporate brand message.

This is a huge oversight. Employees are so often the first 'real' impression of your company. They are the ones out meeting, selling, pitching and interacting with potential clients and creating the lasting impression of your brand. Don't you want to make sure they are sending the right message?

Another factor that is often overlooked is that personal image has a big impact on confidence, and therefore when employees gain confidence in their wardrobe, it can have an impact on their performance.

  • Forward thinking companies who invest in their staff, and that understand the importance of communicating a good professional image.

  • Companies who want their staff to look stylish and up to date, rather than traditionally ‘corporate’.

  • New employees, including graduate trainees.

  • Executives and Board Members who want to improve their image and style, or those that are looking to be promoted into such roles.

  • Employees who are involved in Leadership development schemes

  • Employees going for or aspiring to a higher status job.

  • Sales teams; to enhance their professional presence to improve sales

Group training sessions

As an Image Consultant I'm specialised in working with companies who want to support their female employees to gain confidence, look smart, and up to date.

For small group (up to 3 people) I offer interactive workshops, offering the opportunity for personal feedback and individual advice and guidelines.

Our image programmes are designed to suit your company’s particular requirements, like helping you to choose an uniform for your staff, in those colors that will project better the values of your company.

Working on your key issues and goals, all image programmes have clearly defined objectives, and deliver measurable outcomes and results.

One to one sessions

When your employees need assistance to maximise their image potential to enable promotion, but lack the skill and know how, a one to one Executive Image Programme is the solution.

Many of our one to one clients are executives returning to work following maternity leave. For some women going back into the office after a break and such a huge change in their life can be stressful enough, without having to worry about what they are going to wear and needing to re stock their business wardrobe due to size and shape changes while juggling childcare. Companies can now assist their senior female staff by enabling them to have help in this.

We offer your busy senior executives an assessment of their current style, image and executive presence. We give practical information and solutions to enable them to optimise their professional appearance through image assessments, wardrobe and personal shopping sessions.

Fee upon request by email:

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