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It can be a half or full day, and here it is where we really get to know you, enabling us to gain a very clear picture of what is required, to get the best results from your shopping.

Visualise your wardrobe…

How much money do you spend on clothes you never wear?

How old are the clothes? Do they fit? Do you love them? How much is black?

In general we women wear only 30% of our wardrobe, 70% is money wasted.

  • Using your existing wardrobe, begin to learn how to dress in the most flattering way, and in a way that suits your own personal style.

  • Exploring what you already have, you will learn what is working, what doesn't and what we need on the priority shopping list.

  • Advice on the best way to organise your wardrobe, so it is effortless and stress free. You will be left with an organised uncluttered wardrobe ready to be refreshed with the new items your require each season.

Learn what alterations can be done to rework any existing garments, and have suitable items pinned ready to go

  • You will get clearer about your lifestyle, body shape and self-image and learn what works and why so that you begin to make confident and considered choices.


· Make the most of the clothes you already have - I'll put together looks using a fresh interpretation of your existing wardrobe. Discover new outfits without having to purchase more clothing.

· Shop more efficiently - A Wardrobe Consultation which takes place prior to the Personal Styling Shopping Trip ensures we only buy what you really need, saving you time and money. Having assessed your wardrobe, I’ll also have a better idea of your personal image (sense of style) which will aid shopping.

· Maximise your wardrobe - I’ll assess your wardrobe for basic pieces, and note any additions needed to create new looks with what you already have. Wardrobe basics can be mixed and matched ensuring you get the maximum amount of looks from your individual items.

· Define and expand your existing style - assessing your wardrobe gives me an understanding of your favourite and recurrent styles that you feel comfortable with. This will unable me to suggest you the various lines into which you can stretch your style.

· Obtain a record of your favourite looks - after you’ve tried on your new outfits I’ll take a photo of them. I’ll show you how they look from different angles so you know what works well, and what to look for on future shopping trips.

· Clear out any ill-fitting or unwanted clothes - for sale or donation, throwing away anything damaged.

· Save money - after realising your wardrobe potential, like most people, it's likely you'll no longer feel the need to purchase as many new clothes.

Fee upon request by email:


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